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The Ski World Cup Dresden - a Green Event

Sustainability and consideration for environmental issues played a big role from the first day of planning the Ski World Cup Dresden project, based on „Green Events“, the sustainability guideline published by the International Ski Federations FIS. One of the key features is the concept of short distances. The Athletes Hotel is right next to  the race track - waxing area and Ski-Arena are just a short walk away for athletes, coaches and media. As the event takes place inside the City, there will be a better carbon dioxide footprint compared to competitions in remote mountain areas. The thousands of Ski fans in Dresden will get to the event easily by foot, by bike or by public transport rather than driving miles away with their cars or busses.

Small Ideas, Big Impact

  • after the World Cup, the ski track will be used for „Kids on Ski“, a physical education program for kids from the Dresden metro area and regional junior competitions
  • we will be hiring craftsmen and service staff from the Dresden metro area, with short distances for transport, deliveries and commute
  • we will rent furniture instead of buying, and will use reusable dishes with a deposit system
  • no surface on the river banks will sealed for the event as we will be using the Elbe Bike Trail as race track
  • energy-efficient event technologies
  • we will be using regional products for catering, including vegetarian options
  • we will separate waste and recyclables – with clear signage on bins
  • we commit to gender diversity for women and men in the worldcup crew
  • we manage a green office, with electronic communication and paperless tickets

You can make a difference

  • by arriving by foot, by bike (bike parking will be provided), tram (with three stops very close to World Cup Area), regional train and Intercity train (Dresden-Neustadt train station is just a 10 minutes walk or two tram stations away)
  • if you really need to take the car - offer and use ride sharing, and use Dresden Park & Ride offers
  • please use the trash bins - and separate trash

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