The Ski World Cup Dresden - a Green Event

Sustainability and consideration for environmental issues played a big role from the first day of planning the FIS Ski World Cup Dresden, based on „Green Events“, the sustainability guideline published by the International Ski Federation FIS. One of the key features is the concept of short distances. The athletes' hotel is located right next to the race track - waxing area and the robotron Ski Arena are just a short walk away for athletes, coaches and media. As the event takes place within the city of Dresden, there is a better carbon dioxide footprint when comparing it to competitions in remote mountain areas. The thousands of ski fans in Dresden will get to the event easily by foot, by bike or by public transport rather than driving miles away with their cars or busses. All ticket holders can ride the public transport free of charge.

Green Events - sustainability guideline bye the International Ski Federation FIS

The International Ski Federation FIS has been very aware of its responsibility for the resource-conserving production of winter sports events. That’s why the FIS published the sustainability guideline „Green Events“, which give World-Cup-organizers advice for a sustainable organization.


Concept of short distances

Short distances means fewer transports and less pollution of the environment. The official hotel of the athletes „Bilderberg Bellevue Dresden“ is located right next to the race track - start and finish area are just a short walk away. The World Cup does not require any internal shuttle traffic. You can find many hotels next to the race track.


Better carbon-dioxide-result compared to World Cups in mountain areas

Short distances mean less carbon-dioxide-pollution for the environment. At winter sport events, most of the carbon-dioxide-pollution comes from the arrival and the departure of spectators. In mountain areas, this can easily be several thousand cars per day. Due to its location in the city center of Dresden, the spectators of the World Cup can arrive by public transport - by train, tram, bus and also by bike.

Ticket for local public transportation & bike-parking

The tickets of the FIS Cross Country Sprint World Cup Dresden can also be used for the public transport. Spectators with a valid ticket can use public transportation within the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO) free of charge. The same applies to the media representatives an the volunteers. If there is no snow, the journey by bike is also recommended - there will be a special parking area for bikes.

No sealing of green areas

No green areas need to be sealed for the World Cup race track. Most of the track is on the Elbe Cycle Path. The application of the snow does not cause any damage for the green areas.

Energy-efficient event technology

Saving energy is good for the environment. The use of energy-efficient event technology is very important to us. Among other things, LED lamps are used for the night lighting of the track.

Snow production with 100 percent green electricity

All cross country skiing events take place on synthetic snow. At the World Cup in Dresden, synthetic snow is produced by the world’s most modern technology, the Snow Factory. No chemical additives are used in this process. We purchase the required electricity from the local energy service DREWAG - it’s 100 percent green power.

Snow production from rainwater

The snow for the World Cup will be produced in an empty hangar at Dresden airport. Rainwater is collected from the roof of the terminal and used for the production.

No loss of synthetic snow due to storage in hangar

The produced snow is stored at Dresden airport in an empty hangar. So neither sun or rain can harm it.


Regional craftsmen and companies

Concept of short distances - this also applies to most suppliers. Around 80 percent of all craftsmen and involved companies settled in Dresden and the surrounding area. This reduces the carbon-dioxide-emissions and strengthens the regional economy.

Separation and reduction of waste

For catering we work with reusable tableware and a deposit system. There is also a separation concept for the waste that accumulates. We use reusable constructions for the attachment of sponsor advertising.

Green Office

In the organization office we try to work paperless. Meetings taking place via screen or beamer - we communicate by e-mail or messenger. Furthermore, we offer the mobile phone ticket for the World Cup (Apple Wallet, Android PassWallet).

Social responsibility

We commit to gender diversity for women and men in the worldcup crew. Nearly as many women as men work for the World Cup - this also applies to the 300 volunteers. For some groups we offer discounts on ticket prices. There are barrier-free access to the robotron Ski Arena and areas with perfect view for wheelchair users.

Use of the race track after the World Cup

Furthermore, the race track of the Cross Country Sprint World Cup is used for another 10 days. For example for the project „Schools on Ski“, where schoolchildren learn how to ski, supervised by Olympic medal winner Tobias Angerer and experienced coaches of the Saxon Ski Association. There’s a paralympic day, a biathlon day, a charity event, junior competitions and cross country for everyone.

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