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Dresden Ski World Cup Crew supports chinese competitions

News - 08.03.2019

In preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Chinese are alredy practicing winter sports events. Last weekend, cross country skiing city sprint competitions took place in China's capital Beijing for the first time. For the production of the competitions, the Chinese organizers have resorted to technical assistance and experience from Dresden. Several players of the FIS Ski World Cup Dresden were involved in the implementation of the Chinese city sprints.

Take experience from Dresden

For exapmple, Georg Zipfel, who works as competition director during the Ski World Cup Dresden, also took on the role of surpreme official in Beijing. The Dresden based company "Waterloo Production", which implements the World Cup event and is responsible for other major events in Dresden, has been working in person of Michael Kraser for several weeks in Beijing and was responsible for the logistic production of the Chinese City sprints.

Pisten-Bully driver Janko Hennig, who prepared the race track at the sprint in Dresden also provided the best snow conditions in Beijing. On Sunday, World Cup Organizer René Kindermannen traveled to Beijing. The manager of the Chinese cross country Team Abhraham Wang had invited him. 

René Kindermann: „We are proud that with Janko Hennig and Michael Kramer two players of the Ski World Cup Dresden now involved in the implementation of cross country skiing events worldwirde. At the sprints in China, the TV broadcast and the supporting program were based on our ideas. The national TV channel CC TV has broadcast a cross country skiing event live for the first time. 80 million Chinese people watched the sprint races on TV."

Competition Director Georg Zipfel:" It was a great competition. After the race, we had more than 2000 children on the track, which were skiing for the first time. Thats the way ist has to be, we're brining sports to the cities and raising preoples awareness of cross country skiing."

Olympia 2022 in Beijing

In January, the Chinese cross country team hosted the Ski World Cup Dresden and gained experience. Chinese athletes were also in Dresden for the first time.
Alpine skiing is enjoying great popularity in China, now cross country skiing is also starting to thrill millions of people. The sprint races last week took place in three neighborhoods of Beijing, including the famous Bird Nest, home of the Sumper Olympics 2008.


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