Nadine Herrmann is the news face of the Ski World Cup Dresden

News - 02.07.2019

The FIS Ski World Cup Dresden has a new title face. With Nadine Herrmann is now a young and ambitious athlete the new figurehead of the City Sprint on the Königsufer. Nadine Herrmann comes from the Erzgebirge and starts for the resident Bockauer SV.  Nadine's big sister is biathlon Olympic medal winner and world champion Denise Herrmann. Both live and work together in Ruhpolding, Bavaria.


World Cup debut 2018 - World Cup face 2020

Her world cup debut was given the only 23-year-old Nadine Herrmann at the FIS Ski World Cup Dresden 2018. So, of course, the greater the joy of being able to be the title motif of this unique event. She says: "I am very proud and grateful that I am the new face of the Ski World Cup Dresden. The World Cup in Dresden is something very special for me. On the one hand, because I was born and grew up in Saxony and naturally associate homeland, family and friends with the Free State. But also because it was the first World Cup I started with. I still remember the first speculations about a ski world cup on the banks of the Elbe. For me personally an absolute dream. Then came the confirmation and I said to my former coach:, In Dresden 2018 a Ski World Cup instead. I want to go there! '. He smiled, patted my shoulder and said, Nadine, let's go together! ' And it worked, I was there in 2018 and 2019 as a starter and am now I am the figurehead of this event. That makes me very happy and at the same time it is a huge motivation for everything that's up this winter. "

The organizers of the FIS Ski World Cup Dresden are also proud of their new title lady: "In the past two years, the best German sprinter Sandra Ringwald was our title motive. After her career end in spring, we looked for a new cover lady and decided with Nadine Herrmann deliberately for a Saxon. She is young, ambitious and has a great appeal - as well as our event. She knows the Free State and struggles to reach the top in the cross-country circus, "said World Cup organizer Torsten Püschel.


Season preparation with obstacles​​​​​​​

After an operation on the tibia, Nadine Herrmann is currently back in training in Ruhpolding and will start the season preparation in July. "Winter athletes are made in the summer. Starting in July, I'm trying to create athletic and technical groundwork to be fit in the winter and to be able to perform well, "said the cross-country skier. Herrmann has set ambitious goals for the upcoming season. "I would like to establish myself more in the World Cup in the coming season, also with regard to the Ski World Cup 2021 in Oberstdorf. Of course, my focus is especially on the sprint competitions. There, I want to convince even more in the qualifications and measure me with the world's best. I think that this is the only way to improve and learn and take something. "For the Ski World Cup in Dresden, Nadine Hermann hopes to qualify for the quarter-finals and possibly even further steps forward.


Tickets for the Ski World Cup Dresden 2020 available from mid-August​​​​​​​


All ski and winter sports fans can look forward to mid-August. From then on, there will finally be tickets for the World Cup races on January 11 and 12, 2020 at the Königsufer in Dresden. The fan tickets will be priced in the range of a cinema card. Once again there are special offers for families and for the first time a combined ticket for both World Cup days.

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