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SAP and Ski World Cup Dresden bring innovative sports data novelty to cross-country skiing

News - 12.01.2018

Freestyle sprinting is the fastest form of cross-country skiing. Often, tenths of a second decide on victory and defeat. In the end, the athlete who finish first wins. But - he doesn't necessarily have to be the fastest on the track.

Thanks to SAP, at the Dresden Ski World Cup we can present to spectators at the track and media representatives worldwide the one who was travelling at the highest speed on the track. A novelty in cross-country skiing! In the first race, the track high speed record is set and then attacked in every further race for both women and men. In addition, there are two other exciting features: Who wins the "mountain classification" as the fastest rider on our small ascent and who sets the fastest sprint to the finish line on the last 50 metres?

For the measurements, a 100 gram light GPS chip is hidden in the athlete's bib - thanks to SAP technology, the data is then rapidly evaluated and made available to TV and radio commentators as well as our robotron Ski Arena presenter Marc Huster. In front of the TV as well as in the arena and on the track, fans can quickly find out who the high-speed kings of Dresden are.

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