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The volunteers - the beaming face of the
FIS Ski World Cup Dresden

Whether athletes, coaches or ski fans from all over Europe - you as volunteers play a decisive role in the impressions with which
the guests return home. At the same time, the Ski World Cup Dresden is a great opportunity for you to be there up close and personal
and to help make this special event a great success for the region.

Online Application will start September 4th 2018. 

  • Volunteer at the FIS Cross Country Sprint Worldcup Dresden.
  • Be part of an one-of-a-kind international winter sports event.
  • Help to let Dresden and Saxony shine worldwide.
  • Meet fun, inspiring people.
  • Be inspired by the world cup atmosphere and gain amazing experiences.
  • Take a look behind the scenes and be a part of the Skiworldcup Crew.


You are in the first row when the elite of cross country skiers is competing in front of the spectacular skyline of Dresden. About 300 volunteers supporting the Organization Committee of the FIS Cross Country Sprint World Cup Dresden, on January 12th/13th 2019. Volunteers care for a smooth process and help to develop the event to an unforgettable experience for everyone. Their commitment has a great influence on how national and international athletes, media and guests experience Dresden and Saxony and how this weekend will be remembered.

Our volunteers can be deployed in different work fields. Skills and interests will be recognized. In some work fields previous experiences are necessary. All candidates have to attain full age. Younger candidates have to submit a written letter of agreement from their parent or legal guardian. Everyone who applies on this website and within the deadline will be recognised. Applications are possible until the November 1st 2018. We reserve the right to close applications before the set deadline if necessary.

Applicants have to be available on minimum two event days to become a volunteer. Our new volunteers will equiped with our Skiworldcup Dresden Crew Winter Jacket. All volunteers will additionally get a new winter beanie and a tube scarf. Catering is available free of charge including hot lunch. On top of this we will organize a Thanks Volunteers Event in summer 2019 - a perfect possibility to see each other again and share memories.

Whatever your strengths, there’s a job for you!


The accreditation is the first place to go for the press, athletes, staff and volunteers in terms of awarding access to the event and delivering the volunteer outfit. A pleasant smile and giving information regarding the event and the city belong to your tasks too. Volunteers in this work field should speak English and German fluently.


This work field is all about working on the race track. Building up the start und finish area, preparing the track or attaching the transponder are just a few task to mention. Judges with a valid license are welcome too. Previous knowledge in cross country events and a membership in a ski club are beneficial. In this work field Volunteers have to be available from Thursday, January 10th 2019 until Sunday, January 13th 2019.

Guest Service

Especially our guests should feel very welcome during the whole time at the venue. Volunteers in this work field influencing the event with their cheerfulness and cooperativeness. A lot of tasks are combined - from parking management, selling the world cup magazines to guest management in the robotron Ski Arena or the Winter Village Bellevue. These Volunteers should speak Englisch and German.


Everyone is looking forward to a break with hot coffee and good food. A lot of things have to be prepared and you have to makeup steady supply. This catering is for volunteers, staff and athletes only. There will be a 2-shift system.

Race Office

The race office is the first contact for the teams and judges. In this work field will be a lot of administrative tasks. For example, start- and result lists have to be placed at the disposal, starting numbers have to be handed out and the team captains meeting has to be prepared. In this work field Volunteers have to be available from Thursday, January 10th 2019 until Sunday, January 13th 2019 and have to speak good English and German.

Hotel Info Desk

The Information Desk is the first place to go for all parties who would like to have some more information about the event, a transfer to the airport or would like to know where the next supermarket or restaurant is. In this work field English is very important. Knowledge about the city Dresden is beneficial.


Within this team you are next to the winner - with flowers, gifts and a warm smile. A well-tended appearance and charisma are necessary characteristics. We reserve the possibility to group you before and after the ceremony in an other work field.


We are looking for a strong man to support us with the distribution of material to volunteers, staff and teams. Whatever duct tape, scoop or banner - you are keeping the track. In this work field the Volunteer has to be available from Wednesday, January 9th 2019 until Sunday, January 13th 2019.

Media Center

The press center is the gateway for teams, media and the organizing committee. You are spreading information to the media about everything happening during the event (starting lists, results, schedules etc.). You are helping with interview requests and managing press and photo areas.

Bannering World Cup

Together with the team of FIS Marketing you are responsible for the banner advertisement on the track. You have to bring with you some manual skills, high spirits and stamina. In this work field Volunteers have to be available from Thursday, 10th January 2019 until Sunday, 13th January 2019

Bannering Dresden Ski Week

In this team you are responsible for the banner advertisement on the track. You have to bring with you some manual skills, high spirits and stamina. In this work field Volunteers have to be available from Monday, 14th January 2019 until Sunday, 20th January 2019.


For the time before and after the event we are looking for strong hands to support the construction and deconstruction. The expected work days of the construction team will be January 7th till January 10th 2019. The expected work days for the deconstruction team will be January 13th and January 20th/21st January 2019.

Skitty World

As a team member you are responsible for the installation/deinstallation and implementation of the Skitty World. In this sportive parcours for kids, the younger guests will be lead through their first experience on cross country skiers. You support and motivate the kids and show them what to do. As our mascot „Skitty“ the tiger, you are on the move through the event venue - cheering for the athletes and taking photos with spectators.

Reserve Pool

Here you are at the place where you most needed. You are working on the track, handing over the next bouquet, preparing some sandwiches for your colleges or driving to the next market to get some duct tape.

School Week

Right after the world cup weekend there will be still action on the track. We are inviting primary schools from Dresden and Saxony to experience a day full of school sport on cross country ski. These kids will take their first steps on ski with your support and the guidance of Olympic medalist Tobias Angerer. There will be a fun course which has to be coached by yourself und experienced coaches of Saxon Ski Federation. Working times are Monday, 21st January 2019 until Friday, 25th January 2019, each day approx. from 8 am until 2 pm. If you like we can issue a internship confirmation for this kind of work.

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